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Renault motorbike 'the beast'

The construction of a renault bike

My father joked that he would make a bike if he had an engine,
so a whole car a was donated.

Larger pics linked by clicking thumbnails.

The Bits :
Make : Renault / Landrover.
Frame : Steel box section.
Fuel tank : Best galv.
Front wheel : Kawasaki.
Front Brake ass. : Kawasaki.
Rear brake ass. : Landrover 10ins drum.
Rear wheel : Landrover 6J , Bike 160/80/16.
Engine : Renault 18 (1760cc approx) inline 4cyl.
Gear box : Renault 5 speed. (3rd,4th are enough....)

The 'finished machine'

Point of intrest
The 'Beast' is now legally on the road with tax, mot and insurance!
Awaiting ideas for a new project, derv(pending), gas?, electric?

A year later ....

The 'Beast' is for sale, offers invited

(To make space for another construction)
Email :jim